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Young at Art: 2020 Student Exhibition

The Salem Arts Association is excited to offer “Young at Art”, a showcase of artwork from local teenagers. This collection of artworks is created by students from Salem public, private, charter school students, and members of Salem-based organizations between the ages of 13 -19.

This exhibition has been installed in our  brand new "Pickering Wharf Gallery" at Salem Arts Association's new location. 

The virtual gallery above allows you to explore the gallery as a virtual space. This is a new experiment at Salem Arts so please forgive any issues. We'd love to hear your feedback, please email us at info@SalemArts.org.

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Award Winners!

Winners were chosen by our Salem Arts Association Exhibitions Curator, Heather Meri Stewart, and Board President James Bostick. We salute all our young artists participating, however the following students are deserving of additional recognition. 

Best In Show

Erin Survilas "Mind Wrap"

"This exquisite image used oil painting materials in an advanced and delicate manner to bring the viewer into a dream composed by the artist. It communicates a collection of stories. "

Second Prize

Kaylyn Sverker "Pieces of Me"

"The artist effectively deconstructs herself while composing multiple mediums of photography and printmaking, engaging color to amplify the mood of this creative and sculptural composition. We're left wondering if this image experiences completion or an endless tension of separation."

Third Prize

Jakari Maupin "Self"

"Through the use of pop-culture, ethnography, symbolism, and surrealism the image takes us on a journey through this artist's unique mind map. This is a very individual portrayal representing the sort of unrelenting and sometimes competing influences most have spinning and engaging within us. There's a poignant beauty within the chaos composed here.

Honorable Mentions


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Christopher Curran-Cardarelli  "Unfinished Business"  Digital Photography, $50.00

Emma LeColst  "Vermont in the Rain"  Watercolor, $35.00

Rauliz Paez  "Untitled"  Digital Photography, $50.00

Jessica Valatka  "Imagination"  Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood, NFS

Morgan Reeves  "Colors of the Wind"  Printmaking, NFS

Support our Young at Art Students

Items marked with prices are for sale. Please email artwork purchase inquiries to Shop@SalemArts.org and a representative will get back to you with details on how to buy. 

Artwork List

Name Title Medium Inventory Number Cost Awards
Christopher Curran-Cardarelli Decommissioned Digital Photography YA20-001-01 $60
Christopher Curran-Cardarelli Unfinished Business Digital Photography YA20-001-02 SOLD $50 Honorable Mention
Christopher Curran-Cardarelli Lynn Digital Photography YA20-001-03 $60
Julia Evdokimov Act of the Monarchs  Digital (Google Draw) YA20-002-01 $20
Julia Evdokimov Duck at Dawn Colored Pencil YA20-002-02 $20
Sophia Rose Fritz Alien Attack Gel Pen and Watercolor Markers YA20-003-01 NFS
Quentin Gangle Exotoc Turtle Markers (Pentel) YA20-004-01 $20
Emma LeColst Vermont in the Rain Watercolor YA20-005-01 SOLD $35 Honorable Mention
Emma LeColst Silent Dusk Watercolor YA20-005-02 SOLD $30
Emma LeColst Buddha Acrylic on Canvas YA20-005-03 NFS
James Levesque Great White Heron Watercolor YA20-006-01 $50
James Levesque Insect Series (Set of 3) Markers (Pentel) YA20-006-02 $45
James Levesque Dahlia Markers (Pentel) YA20-006-03 $25
Jakari Maupin "Self" Pencil and Marker on Paper YA20-007-01 NFS Third Prize
Lucas Nieto Self-Portrait Colored Pencil YA20-008-01 $30
Lucas Nieto PEM Inspirations Markers (Pentel) YA20-008-02 $20
Lucas Nieto Abstract Fruit Markers (Pentel) YA20-008-03 $20
Rauliz Paez Untitled Digital Photography YA20-009-01 $50 Honorable Mention
Morgan Reeves Colors of the Wind Printmaking YA20-010-01 NFS Honorable Mention
Erin Survilas Mind Warp Oil Painting YA20-EXS-01 NFS Best in Show
Erin Survilas Nautilus Watercolor YA20-EXS-02 $75
Erin Survilas Sunset Cruise Watercolor YA20-EXS-03 $60
Erin Survilas Sick with Envy Oil Painting YA20-EXS-04 $400
Kaylyn Sverker Bird Box Mixed Media YA20-012-01 NFS
Kaylyn Sverker Pieces of Me Print Making YA20-012-02 NFS Second Prize
Jessica Valatka Imagination Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood YA20-013-01 NFS Honorable Mention
Jessica Valatka Bessie Coleman Acrylic on Canvas YA20-013-02 NFS
Jessica Valatka Vessel; Abstract Acrylic on Canvas YA20-013-03 NFS
Jeremy Valatka Life in India Digital Photography YA20-014-01 NFS

Salem Arts will be awarding two scholarships to local High School seniors who will be pursuing higher education in the Arts.

The Paula Beaulieu Scholarship, will be awarded to one deserving Salem High Graduating Senior.

The Ellen Hardy Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving graduating senior from any Salem school or program, including Salem Arts Association Student Artist Members.

Application forms and rules for these scholarships are available on our website (salemarts.org/scholarship).

Scholarship winners will be announced in May 2020.

Scholarship Application



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