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Member Showcase: Grand OPENING Exhibition

The Salem Arts Association is excited to offer a showcase of artwork from our artist members, debut our new Gallery Shop, and introduce the Paul Nathan Gallery and Museum at Salem Arts.

This collection of artworks displays more than 200 creations by artists from across the region making this our largest exhibition ever. We're happy to present this as a virtual space.

The virtual gallery above allows you to explore our entire building of galleries as a virtual space.

This is a new experiment at Salem Arts so please forgive any issues. We'd love to hear your feedback, please email us at info@SalemArts.org.

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Derby Wharf Gallery

Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Sara Ashodian Bound & Tied (Book of Empty Promises) Collagen, Screen, Slugtape, Wire, Wax M159-SJA-01 NFS
Sara Ashodian Chakra Meitation I Collagen, Wire, Bells M159-SJA-02 $75
Carolyn Austin After Dorian Acrylic Painting M159-CHA-02 $500
Nancy Barnes Teatime Pastel M159-NMB-01 $400
Nancy Barnes Red Onions & Garlic Pastel M159-NMB-02 $400
Mary Szeman Best Divergent Textile Collage M159-MSB-01 $400
Brian Best Shiner Mixed Media M159-BKB-01 $250
James Bostick Tall Ships Infrared Photography M159-JEB-02 $250
Ron Bourgeois Trip to Vermont Acrylic Painting M159-RJB-01 NFS
Ron Bourgeois Paperbag #1 Acrylic Painting M159-RJB-02 NFS
Daniel Breslin Pose Acrylic on Canvas M159-DXB-02 $500
Patricia Burson Estes Painting M159-PCB-03 $3,200
Ellen Garvey Fun with Knots 3500 Beads M159-ETG-02 $125
Raymond Gilbert Rising Tide Oil on Canvas M159-RJG-01 $1,700
Sandra Golbert Bottles Mixed Media M159-SXG-01 $280
Edeltraut Huller Essex Boathouse Acrylic on Canvas M159-EXH-01 $5,000
Kiki Tarron Kinney "Marmoris" Acrylic on Canvas M159-KTK-01 $225
Kevin Kusiolek Orange Drops Oil Painting M159-KCK-01 $600
Kevin Kusiolek Purple Sky Oil Painting M159-KCK-02 $600
Kevin Kusiolek Pink Horizon Oil Painting M159-KCK_03 $1,900
Zenovia Limberakis Witch House Assemblage M159-ZJL-01 $333
MaryEllen McHugh-Sullivan Scrimshaw Pendant Elephany Ivory M159-MEM-01 $240
MaryEllen McHugh-Sullivan Box with Scrimshaw Oval Plaque Bone, Wood M159-MEM-02 $58
MaryEllen McHugh-Sullivan Lighthouse Scene Letter Opener Bone, Brass M159-MEM-03 $58
Paul Nathan Happy to See Barbara Acrylic Painting based Photographic Collage M162-PXN-01 $400
Paul Nathan The Art Corner, Salem Acrylic Painting based Photographic Collage M163-PXN-02 $250
Jane Saunders RBG Ceramic M159-JDS-01 $275
Jane Saunders Man on Fire Ceramic M159-JDS-02 $600
Heather Stewart Circus Circus Acrylic on Canvas M160-HMS-01 $1,000

Tucker's Wharf Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
David Alexander Marblehead Light Photography M159-DAA-01 $250
David Alexander Zakim Bridge Photography M159-DAA-02 $150
Staci Antonelli Aruba Sunset Photography M159-SXX-01 $65
Staci Antonelli Mirror Lake, NH Photography M159-SXX-02 $65
Staci Antonelli Sunset on Derby Street Photography M159-SXX-03 $65
Ed Bradstreet Chrome Photography M159-EXB-01 $150
Ed Bradstreet Door Photography M159-EXB-02 $125
Ed Bradstreet A Bridge (not too far) Photography M159-EXB-03 $150
Larry Dunn Domes of St. Isaac's Photography M159-LZD-01 $250
Larry Dunn Purple 8 Photography M159-LZD-03 $250
James Flynn Maine Coastline Photography M159-JXF-03 $150
Elizabeth Y. Hall Three Ladies Photography M159-EYH-01 $125
Elizabeth Y. Hall Beach Feather Altered Photograph M159-EYH-02 $125
Elizabeth Y. Hall Downtown Market Photography M159-EYN-03 $75
Karen Hosking The Blue Head Photography M159-KEH-01 $250
Karen Hosking Van Gogh Wall Photography M159-KEH-02 $250
Karen Hosking Under the Arches Photography M159-KEH-03 $250
CJ Karch Curious Photography M159-CJK-01 $300
CJ Karch Untitled Photography M159-CJK-02 $175
CJ Karch Poppies Photography M159-CJK-03 $175
Peggy MacNeil Mother & Child Photography M159-PMN-01 $50
Peggy MacNeil Coming Home Photography M159-PMN-02 $50
Peggy MacNeil Harlem in the Snow Photography M159-PMN-03 $50
Frank Nagorka Cellphone Barbie Mixed Media M159-FEN-01 $300
Frank Nagorka Cellphone Barbie Mixed Media M159-FEN-02 $300
Frank Nagorka Pandora Barbie Mixed Media M159-FEN-03 $400
Michael Saporito Parker Pass Photography M159-MPS-01 $50
Michael Saporito Torrey Pines Sunset Photography M159-MPS-02 $50
Michael Saporito New Mexico Sunrise Photography M159-MPS-03 $50
Stanley Slysz Blue Tail Fin Photography M159-SJS-01 $125
Stanley Slysz Back Alley Stars and Stripes Photography M159-SJS-02 $125

Hawke's Wharf Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID 
Charles Anzalone The End of the Day Oil Painting M159-CXA-02 $950
Bobbie BushEl Campesine, Vinales Cuba Photography, Painting M159-BWB-01 $950
Bobbie Bush Trinidad Vieja, Cuba Photography, PaintingM159-BWB-02$950
Pat Chase Squared Textile, Mixed Media M159-PAC-01 $95
Pat Chase 2 Textile, Mixed Media M159-PAC-02 $95
Patricia Dunbar Poultry Fresh Watercolor M159-PGD-02 $450
Sue Grillo Nick and the Clowns Oil Pastel, Pencil M159-SGI-01 $1,400
Edeltraut Huller Time Past Acrylic on Canvas M159-EXH-03 NFS
Kiki Tarron Kinney Metallic Galaxy Acrylic on Board M159-KTK-02 $125
Kiki Tarron Kinney Lava Flow Acrylic on Canvas M159-KTK-03 $150
David LaChapelle Winter Island, Salem Painting M159-DCL-01 $250
Terri O'Brien Babylon Oil Painting M159-TOB-01 $300
Janet Schwartz Day's End Pastel M159-JXS-01 $500 
Janet SchwartzLate Night Beacon Pastel M159-JXS-012 $575 
Janet Schwartz Rock Harbor Cove Pastel M159-JXS-013 $395 

Upper Hall Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Charles Anzalone Trees Oil Painting M159-CXA-01 $1,800
Carolyn Austin Sunset on Fishers Bay Acrylic Painting M159-CHA-01 $500
Daniel Breslin Figure with Yellow Acrylic on Canvas M159-DXB-01 $500
Patricia Burson Provincelands Seascape Painting M159-PCB-01 $4,800
Patricia Burson Provincelands Seascape Painting M159-PCB-02 $4,800
Holly Aloha Jaynes A New Day Oil Painting M159-HAJ-01 $600
Holly Aloha Jaynes Little Novice Collage M159-HAJ-03 $300
Katherine Miura Off Into the Sunset Watercolor Painting M159-KXM-01 NFS
Chris Murray Colorado Blue Sky Photography M159-CXM-02 $200
Terri O'Brien Traffic Oil Painting M159-TOB-02 $250

Central Wharf Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Helen L. Abraham Purple Snow Acrylic Painting M159-HLA-01 $500
Helen L. Abraham Crooked River, Maine Acrylic Painting M159-HLA-02 NFS
Hayley Barry Pink Acrylic on Canvas M159-HRB-01 NFS
Sheila Farren Billings Birch Mountain Acrylic Painting M159-SFB-01 $400
James Bostick Friendship Infrared Photography M159-JEB-01 $250
Pat Chase Sea Pearls Textile, Mixed Media M159-PAC-03 $125
Patricia Dunbar Tiny Footprints Watercolor M159-PGD-01 $450
Beki Ferrari Salem Cat #1 Acrylic Painted Ceramic M159-BFF-02 NFS
Beki Ferrari Salem Cat #2 Acrylic Painted Ceramic M159-BFF-03 NFS
Hope Flynn The Road Back Fabric Scraps M159-HXF-01 NFS
Ellen Garvey Return of Pluto Hand-blown Glass M159-ETG-01 $375
Raymond Gilbert inside out 2 Mixed Media on Canvas M159-RJG-02 $300
Peter Grimshaw Winter Blues Photography M159-PMG-01 $150
Lois Harvey Museum in the Pineapple Photography M159-LEH-03 $120
Holly Aloha Jaynes Hummer Monoprint Collage M159-HAJ-02 $300
Dawn M.  Jenkins Good Golly Miss Molly Mixed Media / Craft M159-DMJ-01 $90
Dawn M.  Jenkins Ramblin Rose Mixed Media / Craft M159-DMJ-02 $65
Dawn M.  Jenkins Sweet Dolores Mixed Media / Craft M159-DMJ-03 $65
Robert Kolsky The "Face" Acrylic and Oil Painting M159-RXK-02 $250
Robert Kolsky Booteria Acrylic Painting M159-RXK-03 NFS
Steve Negron music and dance' or 'pola and pippa's panpipe pantomime' Acrylic on panel M159-SXN-01 $400
Steve Negron life and death' or 'diego's encounter with the horrible asp' Acrylic on panel M159-SXN-02 $400
Steve Negron ruby no longer enjoyed daisy's undivided attention Acrylic on panel M159-SXN-03 $400
Maris  Prost Capones Pasta Bowl Ceramic M165-MEP-01 $65
Maris  Prost  Pasta Bowl Ceramic M166-MEP-02 $100
Maris  Prost  Pasta Bowl Ceramic M167-MEP-03 $65
Hugh Pyle Emoji Shark Teletype Print M159-HFP-01 $45
Hugh Pyle Emoji Shell Teletype Print M159-HFP-02 $45
Hugh Pyle Emoji Tropical- Fish Teletype Print M159-HFP-03 $45
Jane Saunders The Blackish Cat Ceramic M159-JDS-03 $600
Heather Stewart Tree Roots, Falling Waters Trail, Nh Acrylic on Canvas M161-HMS-02 $1,500
Jack Walsh Tree Glass M159-JHW-01 $140

Hatch's Wharf Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Joshua DiPerri# 83Encaustic PaintM159-JBD-01$50
Joshua DiPerri# 131Encaustic PaintM159-JBD-02$50
Joshua DiPerri# 127Encaustic PaintM159-JBD-03$50
Alan HanscomFour Horseman of the ApocalypsePhotoshop MemeM159-AXH-01$25
Erin SurvilasPlaylistOil Painting with MusicM158-EXS-02NFS

Landing Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
David Alexander Northampton Festival Balloon Photography M159-DAA-03 $150
Brian Best Coast to Coast Mixed Media M159-BFB-02 $325
Erin Survilas Sick with Envy Oil Painting M159-EXS-01 $400

Pickering Wharf Gallery

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Helen L. Abraham Sunday River Covered Bridge Acrylic Painting M159_HLA_03 $700
Kylie Alexander DIG pt. I Collage M159_KEA_01 $350
Martha Bergeron Gyrfalcon Graphite M159_MMB_01 $90
Martha Bergeron Cautious Cobra Colored Pencil M159_MMB_02 $110
Patricia Dunbar Sheep May Safely Graze Watercolor M159_PGD_03 $450
Larry Dunn Gehry V Photography M159_LZD_02 $250
Beki Ferrari Fancy a Good Time Acrylic Painted Ceramic M159_BFF_01 $200
James Flynn Revere Gulls Photography M159_JXF_01 $150
James Flynn Near Hampton Beach Photography M159_JXF_02 $150
Peter Grimshaw Blue View Photography M159_PMG_02 $150
Lois Harvey Melting Hearts Photography M159_LEH_01 $50
Lois Harvey UV in the Auto Photography M159_LEH_02 $80
Edeltraut Huller Thames Street, Groton, CT Acrylic on Canvas M159_EXH_02 NFS
Heidi Kepnes Untitled Mixed Media M159_HLK_01 NFS
Katherine Miura A Deck with a View Oil Painting M159_KXM_02 $480
Katherine Miura Springtime Sunshine and Shadows Oil Painting M159_KXM_03 $480
Chris Murray Landlord's Neglect Photography M159_CXM_01 $200
Chris Murray That Sweet Spot Photography M159_CXM_03 $200
Paul Nathan Probiotics Acrylic Painting based Photographic Collage M164_PXN_03 $150
Jack Walsh Tribal Glass M159_JHW_02 $120

Young at Art

Award winners from our recent Young At Art exhibition, featuring local teens, are on display in our Gallery Entry Hallway on the first floor.

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Christopher Curran-Cardarelli Unfinished Business Digital Photography YA20-CCC-02 SOLD
Emma LeColst Vermont in the Rain Watercolor YA20-ELC-01 SOLD
Jakari Maupin "Self" Pencil and Marker on Paper YA20-JXP-01 NFS
Rauliz Paez Untitled Digital Photography YA20-RXP-01 $50
Morgan Reeves Colors of the Wind Printmaking YA20-MXR-01 $50
Erin Survilas Mind Warp Oil Painting  YA20-EXS-01 $75
Kaylyn Sverker Pieces of Me Printmaking YA20-KXS-01 NFS
Jessica Valatka Imagination Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood YA20-JXV-01 NFS



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